How it all began

My children always said that I should open a cafe or a tea room, because I like cooking and baking so much and am constantly trying out new recipes. Somehow my nickname has always been “Chicken”, so we joked we could name it “The Jolly Chicken”. And I am quite jolly indeed, when I can experiment in the kitchen…I remember a time when my eldest daughter was little and had several food allergies – it felt like we would never, ever eat anything but plain potatoes – , and when she had outgrown her allergies, we had another two little children who were just not willing to eat anything but potatoes and spaghetti and the occassional sausage….

It was such a relief when the children got older and were (finally!) willing to try something new. I relished my newfound freedom in the kitchen so much that my youngest daughter declared : ” You’re always cooking something new now – it’s starting to get boring!” So whenever there’s a new dish on the menu, it’s called SOMETHING BORING!

Some years ago my eldest daughter hung this sign for our afternoon tea in the garden – I still have it in my kitchen, because it sums up my love for tea, cake , my garden and my family.



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